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The Legendary Creature Project:
The Wyrm

After the failure of his first project, Dr. Yorik Hempshine has returned to The Brotherhood of the Eternal Light to try once again. He decided his next attempt would be of that of a Wyrm, but that it would be much more planned out. He must erase the memory of the subject completely in order to do so and the next subject is a more personal selection, Dr. Steven Jerome.

Yorik no sooner completes his creation when the creature is released by Michael Arch, a fellow brother in the order. The Wyrm soon starts to rampage throughout the facility until the point that it has to be exterminated. Yorik soon founds out about the deceit of Michael and High Chosen Lucius Ramus to destroy his creation, forming a plot to stop them.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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